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Leverage the Benefits of Cold LNG

increased range
Increased range

longer hold times
Longer hold times

Fleet Benefits

  • Guaranteed fuel pressure under all conditions

  • Faster fueling times & fuel flexibility

    • No loss of fuel back to station
    • Unparalleled speed in fueling
    • Fuel at any LNG station, use warm (saturated) or cold LNG
  • Longer hold times

    • Up to 10 days, >5 days more compared to other warm LNG tank systems
  • Increased range

    • Cold LNG systems hold more energy in an equivalent volume
  • Maximize your payload

    • Less system weight than equivalent CNG systems
  • Better residual value of assets

    • Fuel flexibility allows end of life sale anywhere

Colder is Better

All LNG starts cold. Warming is an extra step.

  • LNG at the liquefaction plant is stored at <1 psi.
  • Other tank system for spark-ignited engines require warming the LNG to >100 psi before dispensing.
  • iCE PACK can take advantage of cold fuel and eliminates the need to warm the fuel prior to dispensing.

Maximum Range and Hold Time.

Colder fuel has greater energy density and lasts longer.

  • Colder LNG means lower tank pressure.
  • Lower tank pressure means more energy in the fuel.
  • More energy in the fuel = increased range.
  • LNG in a tank is always "warming up", changing from a liquid to a gas and increasing tank pressure.
  • Eventually, the tank will need to vent the pressure.
  • Start with colder fuel, and you get an additional 5–6 days of hold time.