Westport Industrial Engines

Well suited for both mobile and stationary applications.

Westport Industrial Engines—targeting the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG) industrial markets—are the result of years of planning and development to fully integrate Westport multipoint fuel injection (MPI) technology with Hyundai Motor Company's high quality, durable, advanced industrial engine platforms. The results are high-performance, low emissions solutions that offers advantages over incumbent products.

The Westport MPI fuel system is designed to operate on either LPG or NG. Westport engines comply with 2013 California Air Resources Board Standards (CARB) for off-road large spark-ignited engines, and 2013 U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for non-road and stationary engines 19 kW and greater.

Westport products use a three-way catalyst to control emission levels. The MPI system provides precise control of fuel injection with more rapid toggling of the fuel/air ratio. This minimizes the required catalyst size and required precious metal loading and provides additional benefits for longterm catalyst life.

Mobile Applications

The Westport 2.4L engine provides robust performance for material handling, municipal, construction, and other harsh and challenging applications. Westport currently supplies Clark Material Handling with Westport 2.4L CNG and LPG industrial engines based on the Hyundai platform for Clark forklifts sold globally.

Stationary Applications

The Westport 2.4L engine is available for stationary applications such as engine power units for oilfield and agricultural irrigation installations and for electrical power generation.  The engine can be fuelled by either LPG or natural gas, or can switch between the two fuels.