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Westport WiNG Power System Ford trucks are changing the way job sites work and cities run.

By switching to CNG, fleets managers, communities, and business owners are saving money on fuel, getting better mileage, and achieving a positive payback on their investment.

Here are some of their stories.

Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG)

Field-Tested. Community Approved.

"With CNG I'm saving about $2 a gallon, and getting better mileage. Westport WiNG is really helping my community."

Steve Pitts, rural fire defense coordinator for INCOG (Indian Nations Council of Governments), drives over 3,000 miles a month, supporting rural fire departments in Northeast Oklahoma. "When you run that many miles, saving $2 or more a gallon with compressed natural gas (CNG) is really important to these small communities. Plus I'm getting better mileage from CNG. The WiNG Power System will pay for itself in about two and a half years."

When it came to choosing a CNG truck, INCOG picked the WiNG Power System, engineered by Westport, the global leader in natural gas engines. "Safety is important in my job, and I have no doubts about the WiNG Power System. It's as safe as any truck I've ever driven on the job."


Pioneer Natural Resources

Field-Tested. Fleet Approved.

"CNG is the best choice for transportation fuel. And Westport WiNG is the superior choice to power our bi-fuel truck fleet."

Lynn Lyon, Director-Fuel Market Development for Pioneer Natural Resources, spearheaded the money-saving transition to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel for this leading oil and gas producer. "We all know people who drive around town to save 10¢ a gallon at the pump on gas. Now imagine being able to save $1 or more a gallon by switching to CNG. That's a positive economic decision for fleets of any size."

When it came to choosing the CNG fueling system for their Ford Super-Duty fleet, Pioneer chose the WiNG Power System. After careful evaluation, Pioneer selected Westport, the global leader in natural gas engines. "Westport really knows natural gas engines, and has a very close partnership with Ford. That made the WiNG Power System an easy and superior choice for our CNG light duty fleet."


Tri-Star Construction

Field-Tested. Owner Approved.

"I'm saving about $48,000 a year by running on CNG. Switching to Westport WiNG bi-fuel trucks is a smart business no-brainer!"

Mark Huff, owner of Tri-Star Construction in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has some money-saving advice for fleet owners. "If you're putting 35,000 miles a year on your trucks, make the switch to CNG today. You can save $800 to $1,100 a month on fuel, which can make your lease payment. It's like getting a free truck!"

Mark has four Westport WiNG Power bi-fuel trucks in his fleet today and plans to convert all 12 of his vehicles. He's run the math and anticipates a positive payback in about two years. "My crew supervisors are spending 50% less on fuel every month driving between job sites. Performance is the same, even when hauling heavy equipment. With the low price of CNG fuel, the math just makes sense. Every fleet should think about upgrading to natural gas."