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CNG Advantages

Cost Effective. Clean. Abundant Energy.

When you consider all the benefits of compressed natural gas (CNG) and CNG power systems, it's no wonder there are over 16 million CNG powered vehicles that currently travel roads all across the globe—From California’s Pacific Coast Highway to the Jingbao Highway in Mainland China. Products and services are delivered in trucks powered by a fuel that is up to 90% cleaner than either gasoline or diesel. Not only is CNG more environmentally responsible than gasoline or diesel, it is also safer and extremely cost effective.

The more you discover about CNG power systems, the more you'll realize the advantages of maintaining a CNG-powered fleet for your company. It's clean, cost effective domestic energy.

CNG Benefits

  • prices are 50 – 80% lower than gasoline
  • significantly safer to store than liquid fuels
  • naturally occurring, requiring little refining (unlike gasoline or diesel)
  • domestically sourced fuel, reducing North America's dependence on foreign oil
  • with our proven reserves, an estimated 100-year domestic availability
  • existing national pipeline distribution system, with an increasing number of fueling stations
  • fleets benefit from government tax incentive programs
  • vehicles are permitted HOV (High Occupant Vehicle) lane access in some states
  • fueling time is comparable to gasoline fill up time
  • vehicles offer the same gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) fuel economy as gasoline