Westport WiNG™ Power System

CNG Van and Wagon

Ford Transit Van  /  Ford Transit Wagon

Van and Wagon

Westport is putting the needs of fleets first by offering dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) options for Ford Transit Van and Wagon.

As Ford's largest qualified vehicle modifier, Westport is offering the 2017 Ford Transit Van and Wagon as dedicated natural gas (CNG) Westport WiNG™ Power System vehicles. The Transit Van and Wagon are EPA certified.

Westport's Transit Van and Wagon will be compliant with Clean Port Act emissions standards, ensuring that fleets and small businesses who service airports can take advantage of natural gas.

Under-body tank configurations unavailable.

Ship-thru available: low roof (316), med/high roof (312)

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Ford Transit Van and Wagon (Dedicated CNG)

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Ship-Thru 316

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Available as:



3.7-liter V6



Tank Options:


  • (1) 21 x 60 = 23 GGE
  • (1) 25 x 40 = 20 GGE