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Shuttle Bus

Many airport and municipal fleets use CNG-powered shuttles to reduce harmful CO2 emissions. However, maintaining CNG shuttle buses has been more difficult than some fleets anticipated.

Westport, the largest, most experienced, and trusted name in natural gas engines and fuel systems, rose to the challenge to identify and address the critical factors affecting the performance of CNG-powered shuttles.

Working with A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, our exclusive national shuttle bus distributor, Westport now provides fleets with the industry's largest selection of Altoona certified products to deliver the optimal shuttle bus experience.

Gaseous Prep Engines Prevent Damage

Because the high heat and dryness of CNG fuel can cause engine damage and failure,not using a gaseous prep package can be risky. Westport is the largest Qualified Vehicle Modifier developer and installer in Ford’s QVM program and we remain committed to working only with gaseous prep engines.

Calibration is Critical

Calibrating a CNG-powered engine can be difficult – OEMs don't always share code updates with installers that are not recognized or endorsed by an OEM. As a QVM developer and installer, we adopted Ford’s best calibration practices to ensure software files for our Westport WiNG™ Power System are up-to-date with OEM engines and calibration changes. Our procedure significantly reduces the cost to operate and maintain a CNG shuttle bus over its full lifecycle.

Advanced Injector Technology

Previous CNG fuel injectors required adaptors,which would often malfunction. We have adopted the most advanced CNG fuel injector technology, which eliminates the need for adaptors and delivers more reliable performance.

Distribution and Installation Drive Consistency

Juggling multiple installers can result in inconsistent installation and vehicle performance. Westport’s exclusive national shuttle bus distributor, A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, ensures a streamlined, accountable approach. Together, we offer the largest selection of high-pressure packages, cylinder configurations, and Altoona certified products. With facilities in both Elkhart, IN and Fresno, CA, A-1’s proven installation process delivers more consistent vehicle performance and reduces transportation costs.

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Shuttle Bus

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3.7-liter V6
6.8-liter V10


3.7L - EPA, 6.8L - EPA/CARB

Tank Options:

Altoona Certified Under-body Tanks

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