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Domestic Fuel = Energy Security

The versatility of natural gas makes it appealing for jurisdictions that are heavily dependent on other single sources of energy for power generation or transportation and who may want to shift or broaden their energy mix. 

A shift to natural gas powered transportation may yield important energy security benefits:

  • Shifts economies away from a dependence on petroleum fuels
  • Reduce the vulnerability of the commercial transport system to petroleum import supply shocks

The North American Experience

Natural gas is abundant in North America thanks to advances in drilling technologies in new shale gas basins. Where are these growing reserves? Right where they are needed most. Significant shale gas supplies are located along major goods movement corridors.

North America has an extensive network of interstate piping to deliver natural gas from well to end user.  Many of the large natural gas sources are located near high volume goods movement corridors. Outside those areas, LNG provides the same mobility as traditional liquid fuels, ensuring nationwide natural gas availability.


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