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Economics of Natural Gas

Significant deposits of natural gas are available around the world to power the transportation sector.  In Sweden, Germany and parts of the United Kingdom, investments in renewable gas infrastructure have introduced the potential for realizing even deeper greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions.  

The “shale revolution” has helped maintain the fuel price differential between natural gas and petroleum and has tipped the economics in favour of natural gas for transportation.  As the cost of gasoline and diesel continues to rise compared to natural gas, more vehicle manufacturers and owners realize the benefits of natural gas vehicles, including lower fuel costs, increased energy security, and a cleaner burning fuel that’s better for the environment.

In diesel equivalent gallons (DEG), customers today can expect savings of US$1.00 to US$2.00 per DEG.  Those savings are expected to continue into the future as the global demand for oil increases. Owners and drivers can estimate their annual savings using the the Westport WiNG Power System CNG Payback Estimator (for pickup trucks).