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Prins Autogassystemen

A Complete Portfolio of Alternative Fuel Systems

Prins (a Westport company)

a leading player in developing alternative fuel systems

Founded in 1986, and acquired by Westport in 2014, Prins is a leading developer of high quality alternative fuel systems powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane), compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications. All partners and customers are trained and certified in house to ensure proper installation and maintenance of Prins systems. One of Prins' key technologies is the Dieselblend Diesel Dual-Fuel System, allowing the use of LPG, CNG or LNG fuel.

Prins Highlights

  • Comprehensive product offering – a full suite of alternative fuel systems for bi-fuel, mono-fuel, and dual-fuel applications using LPG, CNG, and LNG
  • Global distribution network – sells to end customers in over 50 countries through OEMs, country importers, and distributors
  • Systems available for top six European OEM truck brands – as well as global OEMs such as Hyundai and Kia
  • A well-developed diesel dual-fuel system – an add-on system for diesel engines with over 100 calibrations for LPG, CNG, and LNG to optimize the diesel replacement rate
  • Deep engineering and research and development capabilities – extensive multidisciplinary knowledge of systems, software, engineering, electronics, testing, calibration, and certification
  • Proprietary fuel control software – developed in-house, Prins' fuel controller software is an integral part of its product platforms that drives exceptional performance
  • Testing and certification capabilities – the majority of components are tested in-house and comply with European and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations
  • Unique position with a joint venture in Nigeria with a large industrial customer, operating one of the largest truck fleets in Africa – moving to natural gas trucks built by one of China's largest truck manufacturers with Prins' dual fuel systems

The LPG Market  

As a vehicle fuel, LPG—otherwise known as propane or autogas—is relatively clean burning, easy to store and transport, has high energy content, and is widely available in many countries. LPG has a broad application of uses including home heating, agriculture, petrochemicals, and industrial as well as automotive. According to Navigant Research, approximately 9% of the global consumption of LPG in 2012 was used as an automotive transport fuel. Navigant Research indicates that in 2012, there were 1 million light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles converted to run on LPG in the world, including 449,000 vehicles in Europe. This is forecasted to grow to 1.4 million in new vehicle sales and conversions in 2020. While global sales of light duty LPG vehicles are projected to grow by 2.6% annually from 2014 to 2035, the Middle East and Africa will show faster growth at 4.7% CAGR. In North America, the annual growth rate of all LPG vehicle sales and conversions will average 4.7% between 2014 and 2035.

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