Westport WiNG™ Power System

Bi-Fuel and Dedicated CNG Ford Trucks

Westport WiNG Product Lineup

Mar. 4, 2015»2 mb

Westport WiNG Power System

The cutting-edge leader in natural gas engine technology now brings its power and efficiency to light-duty trucks—introducing the Westport WiNG™ Power System.

The Westport WiNG Power System creates either a dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) truck, or a bi-fuel truck capable of running on CNG first, then if empty, gasoline. It allows the owner to use a clean, domestic, low-cost energy source as their primary fuel and (optionally) to have the security of gasoline as a back-up fuel. The Westport WiNG Power System is ordered and serviced at authorized Ford dealer/distributors. It is installed at a Westport facility and shipped to your dealer using the normal Ford Transportation System.