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Fuel Injectors

For high-efficiency diesel-cycle engines, Westport proprietary direct-injection fuel injectors for compressible (or gaseous) fuels are designed to be incorporated into these engines with minimal or no modifications to the cylinder head. No special pistons, cams, gas mixer or port injectors are needed.

Late-cycle, high-pressure direct injection ensures diffusion type combustion and therefore retains the high power, torque, and efficiency of a diesel engine.

Westport has developed injectors capable of handling the special challenges presented by compressible fuels, including:

  • The high volumetric flow rates required for a fuel much less dense (~3x) than diesel
  • Complex routing for fuel(s) within the injector
  • Rapid opening, closing and variable fuel-rate delivery profiles
  • Multiple injection capability
  • Variable lift for piezoelectric injector designs

Westport™ HPDI

First Generation Westport high-pressure direct injection (Westport™ HPDI) injector

Westport high-pressure direct injection (Westport HPDI) injectors provide a small diesel pilot spray and a larger gas spray. The diesel averages only about 5% of the total energy input and is used to start the main combustion of high-pressure directly-injected natural gas (methane). Westport HPDI injectors are common-rail, diesel actuated, and electronically controlled.

They can power engines up to about 24 bar BMEP at diesel-like efficiencies.