Westport Advantages

We're changing the way the world runs with products that make natural gas the natural choice.

Leading Technologies

Westport's vast intellectual property portfolio gives us a competitive advantage. Our expertise includes: injectors (combined gaseous fuel/pilot fuel injectors and monofuel injectors), combustion chamber geometry and control strategies, engine fuel systems, cryogenic storage and delivery (cryogenic tanks and cryogenic pumps), and compressors.

Unique Partnerships

Westport and its partners are helping make our business plan a reality. We share a common objective: to create clean transportation solutions that meet existing and future emissions regulations and targets for greenhouse gas reduction.

Natural Gas for Transportation

Natural gas vehicles are the cleanest, most practical solution for low-emissions transportation today. While other clean transportation technologies exist, natural gas vehicle technology is a proven, similarly-performing alternative to conventional diesel and gasoline vehicles.


Everyone talks about sustainability. Not everyone has something to say. Westport has long recognized the responsibility we have to our customers, our suppliers, and most of all, the planet we all share. That's why we take sustainability seriously. The short version? Sustainable business is smart. Not just for the environment, but for your bottom line.