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Westport WiNG Power System CNG and Bi-Fuel Ford trucks and Bi-Fuel Volvo Cars

Westport WiNG Power System Bi-Fuel Trucks

The Westport WiNG Power System enables Ford Super Duty trucks to run on clean, domestic, low-cost CNG and gasoline if you need it. Everything is sold and serviced at authorized Ford dealers—meaning the order and delivery process is seamless. You just turn the key and go.

Westport WiNG Power System CNG Trucks

Using compressed natural gas enables significant savings on fuel and lower operating costs.  Westport's industry-leading natural gas technologies, including the Westport WiNG™ Power System, are seamlessly integrated into the global OEM brands you know and trust.

Bi-Fuel Volvo Cars

It's not just big trucks that can take advantage of cleaner, more economic natural gas. Passenger car fleets are making the shift to vehicles that have the flexibility to run on either renewable compressed natural gas, biomethane, or petrol.