Why Westport?

What Becoming a "Westporter" Means

Your Career & Our Team

At Westport, you will gain the opportunity to advance your career and build change. We'll provide you with the support and tools to focus your passions, skills and knowledge. Driving on the career highway, you can decide what speed to go at. Find out how our teams of Westporters look and how they fit together with your career.

Global Operations

We may have started in Canada but we have become a global player with operations across five continents. With opportunities across the globe, we can provide international folks the opportunity to contribute to a global shift in transportation and sustainability. Find out more information about our global operations.


It is one thing to work with revolutionary products and technologies but it is even more exciting to be part of the challenge to reshape a standard product to create the future of an industry. Westport is the leader in natural gas engines and you can find our industry breaking technologies in engines, vehicles and fuel system components. More information can be found in our products page.

Benefits & Perks

Exciting work and global impact is just part of the recipe to employee happiness; we believe that providing comprehensive and competitive benefits and perks package is essential as well. Find out more details about what we have to offer.


Become a catalyst for change and challenge yourself to lead a new generation to think differently about transportation. Be part of a clean technology leader and join our team and commitment towards a more sustainable future for all. Find out more about our forward thinking initiatives.